Engagement Models

Fixed Price

As a service buyer, you will want to complete a specific project within its budget and timeline. You do not wish to manage the resources. Fixed Price engagement model gives you minimum risk in such situations.

Under fixed price model, you will provide the scope and timeline. We will send you proposal detailing scope of work, development methodology, project schedule and pricing. Once you approve the proposal, we will engage our technical team for the project. We will send you bi-weekly status. We understand that change is constant, and therefore we will put in place change control mechanism.

Cost Plus

Cost Plus model is useful when you wish to control the decisions around resources and time. This is typically useful when you want us to help you in running your offshore development center. We will provide management expertise to scale up your operations. We take full responsibility for setting up and running your offshore development center.

Management Fee

In this model you will retain our services for specific period or objectives. Typically this is used where you need professional managerial support to achieve specific objective or you need our expert advice for business processes, best practices for operations, technology and innovation.

We will help you in building right foundation framework with people, processes, infrastructure, technology.

Business Value Pricing

You are monitoring key performance metrics for your business. You want us to assist in achieving your business goals in your own way.

We are committing to achieving a shared set of goals with you. This will involve our commitment towards continual improvement in processes, services, and delivery. Our cost will be directly related to key performance metrics related to your business. For example, our pricing will be linked to your invoicing to your customers. In such cases, we will help in clearly specifying what needs to be delivered to the customer, the timelines and risks associated with the solution provided to your customers. Additionally, we will help you in your pre-sales process. We are committed to walk extra mile to ensure your success.

Time and Material

In this model, we will deploy required resources at a monthly fee (based on hourly rates). The resources will approximately work for 170 hours in a month. You will provide adequate learning time to the resources to understand your software, processes, and guidelines. The resources will work as per your directions in terms of tasks, schedule, and quality of work. The work will be closely monitored by you. The resources will be available for communication via email, chat, phone, etc. Monthly invoice will be raised for the services rendered by the resources.